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Serious Personal Injury

At the Earl Spielman & Associates L.L.C., our Texas attorneys fight for compensation when a serious personal injury causes the loss of mobility and independence. When a loved one is lost due to another’s negligence, there is never sufficient monetary compensation, but we work determinedly to ease the burden placed on families and loved ones.

When we take a case involving personal injury or wrongful death to trial, our skilled litigators are backed by nearly two decades of trial experience. When negligent manufacturers, careless property owners, or dangerous drivers take away a client’s quality of life, our seasoned attorneys fight on injured people’s behalf. We have helped thousands reclaim their dignity and gain the compensation they deserve.

Litigation can change the way dangerous companies conduct their business. When large companies refuse to hear your voice, a wrongful death lawsuit can bring them to attention. Our vast network of legal resources and established professional relationships with fact-finding investigators and expert witnesses provides our firm with every advantage needed to bring solid cases against even the largest defendants. If a loved one has been lost due to a defective or dangerous product, toxic exposure, or due to a commercial automobile accident, a skilled lawyer can help you claim damages. To begin seeking justice, contact Earl Spielman & Associates L.L.C., today.

Our lawyers have successfully recovered significant monetary settlements for survivors managing the aftermath of a catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death.

For experienced representation in a severe personal injury case or wrongful death litigation, contact Earl Spielman & Associates L.L.C. at 1-800-861-1814.


Defective Products - Defective products and unsafe product design stems from the manufacturer's failure to design safeguards for their products foreseeable uses. These cases are referred to as 'Product Liability' cases.

Defective Vehicle Design - Defective vehicle design results in greater injuries in an automobile than if the vehicle design was safe. Defective vehicle design limits the "crashworthiness" of an automobile in an automobile accident.

Dangerous Premises - Premises liability requires that property owners, the hospitality industry and commercial enterprises uphold the responsibility to ensuring the safety of the public. By safely maintaining their property and posting visible warnings of unsafe conditions, they avoid a condition of dangerous premises.

Vehicle Accidents - In vehicle accidents, liability for injuries to a driver, passenger or pedestrian is established by expertly examining every detail involved in the accident.

Civil Rights Violations - In a civil rights lawsuit, the only recourse a citizen has against police misconduct is at the hands of a jury. Police officers and their departments are not above the law.

Construction Accidents - Construction and building sites are a major source of construction-related injuries because many subcontractors are performing multiple tasks at the same time. Safety rules, supervision and planning are usually implicated in construction accidents.

Toxic Exposure - Toxic injury can result from exposure to chemicals, dust, fumes and other contaminants. Toxic exposure can and does cause serious health problems.

Professional Malpractice - Professional malpractice is a case of negligence. When a doctor, lawyer or other professional acts below the standard of care, they should be held accountable for their negligence.

Punitive Damages / Insurance Bad Faith - Punitive damages are awarded as punishment for conduct committed with reckless disregard for safety or conduct that constitutes insurance bad faith.

Types of Serious Injury:

Amputation - Partial or total amputation of a limb presents new challenges for the amputee. Our main concern in an amputation injury is to make sure that our clients get the best possible medical care. Steinbrecher & Associates work closely with doctors who specialize in amputation injuries. We have the resources to have our client evaluated and treated by doctors specializing in amputation injuries.

Burn Injury - In the case of burn injuries, Steinbrecher & Associates work closely with doctors who specialize in severe burn injuries. Whether your burn injury is from chemical, fire or electrical contact, we have the resources to have our burn victim clients evaluated by doctors specializing in severe burn injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause varying degrees of brain damage. Because of the brain's central role in all major physical and mental processes, it can be difficult to assess accurately the extent of brain injury. Here at Steinbrecher and Associates, we work closely with doctors who specialize in brain injury. We have the resources to have you evaluated by doctors who specialize in brain injury. These specialists that include neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation physicians and life care experts.

Paralysis - Spinal cord injury can result in paraplegic or quadriplegic paralysis. A paraplegic has paralysis in the lower extremities, while a quadriplegic suffers paralysis from the upper body down. The level where the injury occurs in the spine determines the extent of the paralysis. We have the resources to have you, or your loved one, evaluated by doctors who specialize in treating paralysis injury.

Wrongful Death - In wrongful death cases, the injury has resulted in the death of the victim. It is the duty of the family to pursue justice and compensation for the precious human life that was wrongly taken from them. Understanding the depth of such losses through a wrongful death is vital.